Reader Comments

"Nell Noonan's book is magnificent. Magnificent because it is real, it's human, it's scriptural, it helps."
The Right Reverend Sam B. Hulsey
Retired Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Northwest Texas

"Wow! A must read for anyone who cares for another. This book is written from the depths of the soul of one who has lived the life of a caregiver. Her words will bring comfort, hope and encouragement to the often forgotten caregiver."

The Reverend Randy Wild
Senior Pastor, St. Barnabas United Methodist Church
Arlington, Texas

"Nell Noonan has reminded us that God's blessings can be found even in the midst of very difficult circumstances. Not Alone will bless you."

The Reverend Dr. Scott Youngblood
Senior Pastor, Trinity United Methodist Church
Arlington, Texas

"As only caregiver to my husband and my ninety-three-year-old mother, I know how badly caregivers need encouragement and how forgotten we are. The stories became a companion when I needed peace and calming. I want to gift this book to every caregiver I meet. Thank you, Nell, for the affirmation of our good work, mercy when we've been not so good, and courage to keep trying."

Dr. Marilyn Stapleton
Retired teacher and research scientist

"Nell Noonan is realistic about the endless burden of the thirty-six-hour day for caregivers and offers a spiritual support that provides incredible strength. I will have no hesitancy in making caregivers who I serve aware of this book."

Dr. Richard L. Morgan
Author, Facilitator of Alzheimer's Support Groups

"Her approach has the authenticity that comes from personal experience. It does not sugar-coat the harsh realities with maudlin sentimentality but addresses them head-on and realistically with a profound spirituality. Thank you, Nell, for this supportive and redemptive book."
The Reverend Canon William D. Nix, Jr.
Canadian, Texas

"Your book, Not Alone, has been a Godsend to me and oh how I would love to give you a big hug for writing it. Thank you for sharing your insightful thoughts and experiences with all who are fortunate enough to have a copy to read and reread."

Joyce Von Almen
Hermitage, Tennessee

"Oh my goodness, you have knocked this one out of the ball park! I am half way through and enjoying every page. I congratulate you on your honesty and your courage. This is a wonderful book and I plan to gift it to several other caregivers in my life."

Wynette Schwalm
Fort Worth, Texas

"As my husband's caregiver, I relate to many of your stories. Thank you for touching my life in such a special spiritual way."

Ros Shirley
Arlington, Texas

"Your book will be a source of great strength for so many people. Thank you for letting God's message flow through you to those of us who need to hear it."

Lynn Woolley
Colleyville, Texas

"…whispers of resurrection"